Matthew Langdon Cost 

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution

History Will Absolve Me

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution: History Will Absolve Me is a historical novel focusing on the actual revolution of 1953 to 1959 that brought Castro to power in Cuba. On July 26th of 1953, Fidel Castro led an uprising on the Moncada Military Barracks in Santiago Cuba, and was soundly defeated, captured, imprisoned, and then exiled. He returned to Cuba at the head of an invading army of 81 men and was promptly decimated by the government soldiers. Eighteen men escaped into the mountains, growing to 300 guerrillas in a little over a year, and eventually defeated an army of 12,000, before marching on the capital city of Havana. When the dictator, Fulgencio Batista, fled the country, Fidel Castro assumed control of Cuba. This novel follows the charismatic Castro and other young revolutionaries in their insurrection against seemingly unbeatable odds in their quest to create real change in Cuba. The history is accurate, the authenticity was aided by a research trip to Cuba, and the real-life characters of the Cuban Revolution make this a page-turner that can’t be put down.

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