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About the author:  Matthew Langdon Cost
I am a fifty-year-old former social studies teacher and current author.  I live in Brunswick, Maine, with my wife Debbie Harper and have four wonderful children named Miranda, Brittany, Ryan, and Pearson.  There is a Chocolate Lab named dog, a Basset Hound name Whimzi, and a cat name Xero. 

Upon graduating with a B.A. in history from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1989, I began work on my first book, a historical novel about the Cuban Revolution of 1953-1959.  The manuscript was set aside as it lacked sincerity, with the concept that a research trip to Cuba was necessary for this to be a successful endeavor.  In the meantime, I opened several businesses including a video store, a health club, and a bookstore.  After ten years as an entrepreneur I decided to follow my dream of teaching, beginning my tenure at the Brunswick Junior High School in the special education department before moving into teaching social studies.

Over this time, I then wrote two mystery novels, Mainely Power and Mainely Fear, based in the town of Brunswick where I live.  Although both flirted with interest at several major publishing houses, I ended up self-publishing them.  Both were reviewed very favorably in the Maine newspapers. More information on them can be found at my website; mattcost.net.

In 2007, after taking a two-week class on teaching biography in the classroom, I decided to return to historical fiction, choosing Joshua Chamberlain and the Civil War as my topic.   The research, writing, and editing of this took me eight years, culminating with a sabbatical to finish up, as teaching, coaching, and raising a family took priority.  In April of 2015, Joshua Chamberlain and the Civil War:  At Every Hazard was published on Amazon.  It immediately received fantastic reviews from national publications such as Kirkus, The Civil War News, and others, allowing me to become a dedicated, full-time author.  

I have spent the last few years promoting At Every Hazard and researching, writing, and editing my current novel, Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution:  History Will Absolve Me.

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